Flagship Boutique

The Mumbai-based architect firm Opolis invited MACH to co-design the Sternhagen showroom in order to give it the European touch that Sternhagen deserves and requires to enter the Indian market with its first flagship showroom.

A fruitful collaboration with Opolis resulted in a layout that is structured by five showroom-cubicles with bathroom interiors. These environments maintain the intimate atmosphere of a bathroom while simultaneously creating a floating and open space between the current five product lines.  The cubicles are materialized with reflective, tinted mirror so the space appears to float. A brass grid recessed in a white Terrazzo floor guides the visitor on his journey through the showroom under a star-like sky of lamps. A linear, vertical brass structure links the two floors and leads the visitor to the upper floor.

Sternhagen has a very graphic and clear product line that also looks very contemporary. The designed environment reflects the modernity of the brand and translates their product design into the exhibition space. MACH is looking forward to Sternhagen‘s further expansion in India and throughout Asia.


Design, Design Development


Opolis Architects, Mumbai


Elle Decor India 12.2016