About Mach

Our Philosophy

Our design ethos is based on three simple but strict principles. We believe that form should not merely serve function, but design should also add sustainable value - from an enhanced customer experience to increased value creation for our clients. Traditional principles of Swiss design such as precision, thoroughness and sustainability, combined with modern technologies and thinking, create timeless spaces that strongly impact on the way people feel about using them. Now and in the future. Practical elements for the efficient functioning of a space should be interwoven with the design. Invisible to the eye, refined details are noticeable in use through ease of use that is pleasing to the eye. We call this 'design at second glance'.

Our Approach

The design process of each project is preceded by a careful analysis of the specific context. Our holistic approach allows for the sustainable development of projects on a wide range of scales. The basis for all projects is intensive dialogue with the client. When developing concepts, we always pursue a participatory process in the form of surveys and workshops with our clients in order to get to know them better, understand their wishes and needs and find a suitable solution together with them. After all, good architecture is always the result of a collaborative dialogue. Together with the customer, we discover which interventions are possible, which are necessary and which generate added value. MACH bases its work on the four design principles of Discover, Design, Develop, Do, and works with specialists to develop spaces and buildings that have a natural, emotional and timeless effect. The careful use of materials and their processing play a central role in the development of projects. Sophisticated and high-quality handcrafted details define the character of our designs and reflect our high design standards. The accompanying joy of designing and testing has accompanied us for over 20 years.

Our Story

It all started with a table with a computer and an order for the company Bally. Over 20 years ago, David Marquardt founded the company MACH.  Soon after, he was joined by his long-time friend Jan Fischer, who was able to contribute his international professional experience, which he had gained in the USA, to the company. The first order led to new partnerships, including other renowned Swiss brands such as Swiss International Air Lines and IWC Schaffhausen. From 2008 onwards, the office grew and today, in addition to the two founders and the three associates Monika Sandmayr, Tian Chiang and Stephanie Monney, the team counts more than 17 team members. The mixed composition of the team is central and reflects MACH's open mindset, which contributes significantly to the office's success.