MACH's projects reflect its employees’ commitment to a process-oriented workflow, representing the MACH brand. Our philosophy is based on teamwork - both internally and through customer collaboration. We place particular importance on an in-depth exchange with our clients. Together, we develop coherent solutions that represent their values and goals.

Former Employees:

Mirjam Bachmann - Andreas Buschmann - Diana Cerri - Sandrine Grossenbacher - Simon Kraus - Isabelle Maassen - Susanne Moceck - Dechen Shelkar-Gerling - Nicolas Zimmermann - Maggie Kjellme - Valentina Stan - Federico Cecere - Katarzyna Morf

Former Interns:

James Dyer-Smith - Felix Good - Nils Havelka - Charly Jolliet - Anna von Knobloch - Daniel Stankowski - Leslie Sturm