Architecture of Cyberspace

Nils Becker, Co-founder of online  architecture bible, Architonic, considers the future of space

Urban environments will also benefit from this cyber-influence. Monolithic retail zones where big brands congregate so we can find them will seem a clumsy way to use city spaces. Discerning shoppers are using cyber technology to curate their own shopping malls, a mix
of independent retailers and stellar labels independent of geographical location. Come Saturday afternoon, a smartphone is all they need to navigate their personal consumer space for real.

The future, when it comes, will be hybrid. Our physical environment will embrace cyberspace and, perhaps,

the other way around. One day, we might talk of Cyber-
Architects, the Kengo Kuma and Zaha Hadid of the virtual world; creative minds capable of transforming our experience of a new kind of space.