Department Store

Task: Design

A new retail concept was sought for the repositioning of a Swiss premium department store. In a two-stage competition, MACH made it to the closer selection and presented a project design with two other participants.

A new sales experience for customers was supposed to be developed based on the flagship store. Six storeys, each with approximately 1,200 m2, were included in the design to create an interior design as well as architectural statement for the brand.

The design by MACH allows for intermixing of the experiences, which offer the customers a diversified visit. Large and small stages (so-called ‘studios’) offer areas for new content presentation, such as events, culinary lounge areas, and art studios. These studios partition the floor areas, so that the customers can orient themselves easily and discover new products and services on each floor, as they would in a city quarter. Inspired by the new technologies in metropolitan cities like Tokyo and London, the design integrates digital innovations that enable an omni-channel experience and play an important role in the brand’s upgrade.

Each floor is matched to its product mix with a material theme that corresponds to the main design of the premium department store – purist and elegant. As a special highlight, the top floor holds a restaurant, which celebrates culinary experiences in a ‘super-studio’.