Beauty Department

Location: Zurich

Task: Design and Design Development

Collaboration: Killer Interior AG, Lupfig

Jelmoli's Beauty Department is prominently located on the ground floor of Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. In order to give the prestigious entrance to the premium department store a modern, fresh appearance, Jelmoli organized a competition for the re-design of the 1300 m2 sales area. The design by MACH was convincing with an architecturally clear concept focused on the customer experience with a defined order, an elevated customer experience and a delightful naturalness. As a House of Brands, Jelmoli offers a platform in which international luxury brands can perfectly stage themselves. A new Beauty Market in the center is intended to show that Jelmoli holds global appeal as an innovative and competent curator.

The design of the Beauty Department speaks strongly to the architecture of the building. Rather than hiding existing structures, the design uses them as orientation elements. Fine materials such as marble and copper combined with light maple wood reflect Jelmoli's natural elegance. Shop-in-shops of the various beauty brands are arranged peripherally. They are accentuated by a partially recessed frieze and present themselves in a uniform framework. Open spaces "front gardens" attract visitors to the respective brand area.

The centerpiece is the Beauty Market. MACH developed a spatial grid in which flexible stagings can be changed out: Be it an interactive consultation, a blow-dry bar or a fashion show - the Beauty Market provides a stage for the entire beauty world. At the center is a fountain where customers can treat themselves to refreshments and try out the latest products.