MACH Architecture Interior Design

In the beginning, there was a table with a computer and an order from the company Bally. David Marquardt founded MACH twenty years ago, joined soon after by Jan Fischer. Much has changed since then, but the values of the architecture firm have remained the same. The name MACH stands for an attitude: it is not about the architects’ style as such, but rather tailoring projects to the needs of the client. Starting in 2008, the office grew and now includes another thirteen employees in addition to the two founders and the three associates Monika Sandmayr, Tian Chiang and Stephanie Monney. The mixed composition of the team is a key part of its identity and reflects the open mindset of MACH, something instrumental to the success of the office.

New partnerships emerged from the initial assignment, many of which formed in an organic and spontaneous way thanks to the founders' international network. The collaboration with Bally continued, and other renowned Swiss brands such as SWISS and IWC became important clients. MACH knows no boundaries, as demonstrated by the office's broad portfolio. The projects range from small to large, from local to international, from low budget to luxurious. Every major field of interior architecture is represented, with the focus on people and their relationship to the built environment. MACH architects find the joy of designing and tinkering as well as the close collaboration with the client, the most important aspects of the job. The design process is always preceded by a careful analysis of each specific context. MACH is founded on the four design principles Discover, Design, Develop, Do. Based on these principles, the team works with specialists to develop spaces and buildings that have a natural, emotional and timeless impression. The care towards materials and their finished appearance plays a critical role in the process. Refined and handcrafted details shape the atmosphere of the designs. MACH calls this effect "design at second glance". It reflects the high design standards of the office.

The move to new offices in early 2020 marks a new chapter in MACH's history. The firm's holistic approach also includes consulting activities that allow for the sustainable development of projects of varying scales. Concept development is an important pillar of the office, further strengthened by a thorough exchange with the clientele. Because good architecture is the result of a collaborative dialogue.